• Spun Sampling Cylinders

    Spun Sampling Cylinders,Hoke dot 3E Sample Cylinder,1.5"(3.81cm)

  • Formed Sampling Cylinders

    Formed Cylinders: 316 Stainless Steel only
    Pressure ratings up to 5000 psig can be supplied as a special. Consult the factory for quotation of any cylinder rated above 1800 psig.

    When testing to ASME specifications is required, contact us for quotation and specify maximum pressure and temperature

    Other Materials
    Cylinders manufactured from other materials are available. Contact us for quotation.

    PTFE-lined Cylinders
    The interior of cylinders are available with a special FEP lining which provides excellent lubricity and very low permeability. To order add "PTFE-lined" following the cylinder part number.

  • 1700 Series Heavy Duty Cylinder Valves
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