Air Actuated 0700 Series
This line of space saving pneumatic actuators is designed to provide safe, reliable control of most Hoke Flomite®, Selectomite®, and DL/TL ball valves. For added fl exibility, Space Saver actuators may be operated with many types of clean gases including air, natural gas, and nitrogen. Spring return and double acting versions are available for either 90º or 180º actuation. All Space Saver actuators come standard with a manual override feature for emergency operation.

Typical Applications
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil and Gas Drilling
  • Research and Development
  • Environmental Control
  • Instrumentation Panels
Unit of Measure

Actuator Type

N/A 90º Spring Return

Housing Material

N/A Polyurethane coated aluminum

Maximum Operating Pressure

N/A 125 psig9 bar
Air Supply Connection1 N/A 1/8 Female NPT

Operating Temperature Range

N/A 0 to 400 ºF-18 to 204 ºC
Cycle Time2 N/A 1 s

Min. Cycle Life

N/A 250000 cycles


N/A 1.7 lb0.75 kg

Features & Benefits

N/A Saves space
  • Compact dimensions (2.25" x 2.75" x 3.5")
  • One Space Saver actuator can operate two valves simultaneously
  • Hoke DL and TL ball valves are available for high cycle applications
  • Available as 90°/180° spring return and double acting
  • Operates with many clean gases (air, natural gas, nitrogen) for added flexibility
  • Minimal number of moving parts for reduced maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant polyurethane coated aluminum housing for added durability
  • High burst strength for enhanced safety
  • Manual override for emergency operation
  • Rapid response time of one second or less per cycle
  • Unique piston gear drive assembly allows for wide range of uses
  • Choice of two operating temperature ranges (A4, A5 models)
  • Special High Tolerance NPT Thread

Materials of Construction

  • Polyurethane coated aluminum housing
  • Aluminum, anodized and PTFE coated geared piston
  • 316 stainless steel geared output shaft
  • Filled PTFE shaft bearing
  • Reinforced polyamide polymer liner
  • Nitrile seals (A4 models), Viton® seals (A5 models)
  • Alloy steel springs with corrosion resistant coating

Factory Assembly

N/A To order factory assembled, additional information is required
  • For Spring Return 90º actuators, normally open or normally closed must be specified.
  • For Spring Return 180º actuators, spring return position must be indicated on order.
  • Order must also state "factory assembled".
  • For specific information on ball valves, refer to Hoke’s High Cycle Ball Valve Catalog #79067. DL or TL Series ball valves should be used for high cycle applications.
  • Example: 0722A4 normally open actuator with 7115G6Y ball valve and 0700K3 mounting kit, factory assembled.

Field Assembly

N/A To order the valve and actuator for field assembly, the valve number, actuator number and mounting kit number must be specified. Example: 7122F4Y TL ball valve with 0722A4 actuator and 0700K3 Mounting Kit, for field assembly.
  • 1 The air line supplying and venting the actuator must not restrict airflow. Orifice size of air supply valves should be 3/32" minimum (2.4 mm) to assure full actuator torque output.
  • 2 Dependent on air supply
    Cycle time should not exceed 10 cycles per minute when operating continuously. DL or TL ball valves are recommended for higher cycle times.
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