HOKE's 7 Series Fire Safe Valves meet demanding application requirements in the production environment of chemical and petrochemical processing facilities. These valves have been tested to and meet the requirements of API 607,4th edition for soft- seated valves. API 607 measures the ability of a closed soft-seated ball valve to retard the propagation of a fire (downstream and to atmosphere). The 7 Series Fire Safe Valves offer high flow, safety, and flexibility in a variety of end connections and sizes. This series is available in fractional sizes from 1/2"to 1"and in metric sizes from 12mm to 25mm in tube and pipe ends.

Typical Applications
  • Chemical processing
  • Petroleum refining
  • Gas distribution
  • Hydraulic fluids
Unit of Measure




P1 Inlet Port End

N/A 3/4" Gyrolok

P2 Outlet Port End

N/A 3/4" Gyrolok

Body and End Plate Material

N/A 316 Stainless Steel, grade CF8M

Cv Factor

N/A 12.5


N/A 0.500 in

Maximum Operating Pressure

N/A 1500 psig at 70° F (103 Bar at 21° C)

Operating Temperature Range

N/A -40 to 500 ºF-40 to 260 ºC


N/A 3.80 in


N/A 1.90 in


N/A 0.73 in18.5 mm


N/A 0.37 in9.4 mm


N/A 0.59 in15.0 mm


N/A 0.35 in8.9 mm


N/A 0.43 in10.9 mm


N/A 1.54 in39.1 mm


N/A 0.19 in4.8 mm


N/A 0.31 in7.9 mm

Packaging Material

N/A Grafoil®
Seat and Seal Materials1 N/A PTFE

Washer Material


Actuation Options

N/A 316 Stainless Steel Lever Hand

Cleaning Options

N/A Standard cleaning per HPS-1 & -2

Nut, Bolt, Stem Nut & Locking Bracket Options

N/A 316 stainless steel, per ASTM A193 B8

Features & Benefits


  • Bottom-loaded stem prevents stem blowout for added safety.
  • Fully encapsulated bolts are protected from the environment, extending valve life and reducing costs.
  • Optional trip-proof or latching/locking handle prevents accidental opening or closing of the valve for a secure process.
  • Optional fuse plugs are available on actuators for added safety.
  • Fire-safe design retards the propagation of a fire downstream or to the atmosphere, enhancing safety and increasing the range of possible applications.
  • Handle provides a visual indicator of whether valve is in the open or closed position, enhancing safety.
  • Stem flats provide visual indication of valve position, improving safety.
  • Actuators can be mounted to valves without disrupting the packing, seats or seals. Installation time and costs are minimized.
  • Special High Tolerance NPT Thread

Cleaning Options 

N/A HPS-1 Cleaning procedure to remove oil and grease trom metal valve parts with solvent vapor- and solvent ultrasonic vapor degreasers.
HPS-2 Cleaning procedure to remove dirt, oil, and greasefrom non-metallic parts with non-ionic detergent and water solution.

  • 1 PTFE seat is modified to reduce cold flow and increase durability without losing inert properties.
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