HOKE Gyrolok tube fittings for use in gas or liquid chromatography applications are available in a variety of user-required configurations. HOKE’s Chromatography Fittings feature low dead volumes, male nut designs, as well as configurations utilizing either press-fit or drop-in frits. For user convenience, both frit versions are available in a number of micron sizes. By combining the needs of the Chromatography Fitting with key Gyrolok features, such as controlled ferrule drive, the HOKE Chromatography Fitting offers capabilities and performance that are unmatched in the industry.

Pressure Ratings
HOKE Gyrolok Chromatography fittings are rated for working pressures higher than the tubing recommended for use. Refer to HOKE’s Tubing Data Charts for specific information.

Temperature Ratings
316 Stainless Steel: -325° F to +800° F (-200° C to +425° C)
Note: Intermittent use to 1200° F is possible, however prolonged exposure to temperatures over 800° F is not recommended.
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Item #

T1 - Tube O.D.

T2 - Tube O.D.


H1 - Hex Size

H2 - Hex Size

H3 - Hex Size

E Min


1MU-316 N/A 1/16 in N/A 1/16 in N/A 1.84 in N/A 1/4 in N/A 5/16 in N/A 1/4 in N/A .80 in N/A CAD Icon (for items table)
2MU-316 N/A 1/8 in N/A 1/8 in N/A 2.18 in N/A 3/8 in N/A 7/16 in N/A 3/8 in N/A 1.06 in N/A CAD Icon (for items table)
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